Saathi 2020-2021

11. Virtual Study Circle

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” - James Keller Sharing your knowledge does not mean less for you but more for others. That was precisely the case in Saathi’s upcoming initiative. *March 2020* A: “These exams are making me go crazy. So stressful.” B: “Don’t worry re, it’ll be over soon. The last… Continue reading 11. Virtual Study Circle

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Issues regarding college fees.

Hike in Fees Change the minds of many students! Many students want to work for some good cause but when they see that the Fees to get good education is more than their Family income, They Switch their mind and start Working for Money and here we lose some of the best students..... As we… Continue reading Issues regarding college fees.

Saathi 2020-2021

8. My English Buddy

*Ding* 25 November 2020 6:34 pm Saathi Volunteers, WhatsApp “Saathi Enabling Centre, Fergusson College, Pune, Presents… MY ENGLISH BUDDY: An activity aimed at improving English speaking skills of blind students through student-volunteer interactions.” And the journey begins… English has become a part and parcel of this modern and ever-evolving world. An integral part and almost… Continue reading 8. My English Buddy

Saathi 2020-2021

7. Admission and Scholarship Forms

Sometime during mid-March, the Pandemic hit the world, and students of all the colleges faced major problems adapting to the new online method of learning and appearing for exams from home. For the blind students, the challenges were a level harder, but a team of Saathi volunteers was set up to assist the blind students… Continue reading 7. Admission and Scholarship Forms

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17) वैचारिक पुस्तके (Ideological)

🔲On Drive :: १) स्त्री-पुरुष तुलना (Stri-purush tulana) ताराबाई शिंदे ( Tarabai Shinde ) recorded by प्रज्वला तट्टे ( Prajwal Tatte ) 2) ठरलं, डोळस व्हायचंच! ( Tharal, Dolas Hoyachay ) By डॉ. नरेंद्र दाभोलकर ( Dr.Narendre Dabholkar) Recorded By Vikas Shukla 3) भारताचा शोध ( Discovery of India | मराठी भाषांतर ) By Pandit… Continue reading 17) वैचारिक पुस्तके (Ideological)

FAQ Section

Is there a specific type of books to be recorded?

1) Is there a specific type of books to be recorded? Ans- No. Any type of book is welcome. These are some suggestions - It may be story-book for school students. It may be Science Fiction, Drama, Action and Adventure, Romance, Mystery, Gothic, Self-help, guides, travel, Children’s Fiction, Science, History, Math, anthologies, poetry, comics, art,… Continue reading Is there a specific type of books to be recorded?

FAQ Section

About voice and other Recording issues ?

1) Does it matter how my voice is or if I am a bad reader?Ans- Different people have different voice and that is totally fine. Your voice is our voice. As far as you are able to read good enough for anyone to understand, it doesn't matter how your voice is.2) What format should I… Continue reading About voice and other Recording issues ?

FAQ Section

How can I help?

1) How can I help you? Ans- Your participation encourages us more than anything. You can make more and more people know about this initiative. You can share the links to as many as possible. Share it with your friends and it will help us. Even if one additional person joins us every time you… Continue reading How can I help?

FAQ Section

Why is there a need to Record books separately if various apps provide the service ?

1) Why is there a need to record books separately if various apps provide the service of reading out any typed text?A- Not just apps but even Google talk-back does the same thing. But using talk back is a complicated and time consuming process. Recorded books become easier to access and to listen to than… Continue reading Why is there a need to Record books separately if various apps provide the service ?

FAQ Section

How do visually impaired people access the links/books?

1) How do visually impaired people access the links/books? A- Most of them have talk back facility on their phones through which they are able to navigate through websites just like anyone. Once they get to know how it is used, they use phones as efficiently as anyone. Moreover, people associated with them also help… Continue reading How do visually impaired people access the links/books?

FAQ Section

Why and how to fill Registration form ?

1) Is it necessary to fill the registration form every time while recording a new book? A- Yes. It is important to fill the registration form in order to get our records correct and precise. It also helps to keep the count/number of books recorded much easily. It is necessary as we maintain an Excel… Continue reading Why and how to fill Registration form ?

Journey of Vargshikshak

This is how Vargshikshak was Started !

Blog by Rushikesh (Team Vargshikshak)1st Year Journey (2018) - Click HereJourney of Vargshikshak 2019-2020Vargshikshak was initially started to provide free science notes and lectures for science students. Vishal dreamt of making an online education platform to make science as fun and as simple as possible. He worked on it by uploading a few videos on… Continue reading This is how Vargshikshak was Started !

Journey of Vargshikshak, Research Study

The Journey Begins

"Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter." — Izaak Walton Be the part of change! Join Let's Record Initiative Apply for NIRMAN Join Saathi Enabling Center Know more about our projects! Let's do something good for the humanity! Use our Free Resources: Audiobooks  Science Notes  ⭕ Science Notes: 🔭Physics 👨‍🔬Chemistry 📐Mathematics 💡Electronics… Continue reading The Journey Begins