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Diana Chao’s video-message for Let’s Record

https://youtu.be/JjnPuxb5dNc English Subtitles of above Video 👇 Namaste India!Hello, I am Diana Chao. I am the founder and Executive Director of Letters to Strangers or L2S, the largest global youth-for-youth mental health non-profit, impacting over 35,000 people in our network of over 20 countries, worldwide. It’s my joy and pleasure as well as honor to… Continue reading Diana Chao’s video-message for Let’s Record

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The Indian Education

Here, we shall discuss about education in India, its current scenario, its future, the changes that are to be brought to improve our education system and the topics which we need to study for changing it. Read the blog on issues faced by Indian students - Click here Project Let's Record for Visually challenged Students… Continue reading The Indian Education