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Issues regarding college fees.

Hike in Fees Change the minds of many students! Many students want to work for some good cause but when they see that the Fees to get good education is more than their Family income, They Switch their mind and start Working for Money and here we lose some of the best students..... As we… Continue reading Issues regarding college fees.

SAATHI Fergusson

SAATHI 2020-2021

Saathi Enabling Centre, as a unit of SOEC is aimed at creating a friendly atmosphere for the visually impaired and other differently abled students by bridging the gap between the abled bodied and disabled students in the campus. SAATHI has been working on several issues and the special needs of visually impaired students by efforts… Continue reading SAATHI 2020-2021

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Why we need Let’s Record?

We are often asked that when we already have audiobook platforms like Sugam Pustakalay, N.A.B. India, Book Share, and software like Text-to-Speech available in our phones, then why is there a need to run an initiative like Let's record? The first thing is, we cannot compare any two NGOs. All of them are working towards… Continue reading Why we need Let’s Record?

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Let’s Record @punekar_news

If you are interested in knowing how Let's Record was started and how we are bringing a change in the society, do read the article below which was published in the well-known hyperlocal news portal of Pune, Maharashtra. 📰 Punekar News dt. 14/09/20 Click here to read the full article. Let's Record completes half a… Continue reading Let’s Record @punekar_news

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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

🔲On Drive :: 1) Wings of fire / अग्नि की उड़ान ( Agni ki udan )  By APJ Abdul Kalam Narrated by Gulzar in Hindi 2) A Manifesto for Change By A.P.J Abdul Kalam and V. Ponraj Recorded by Ria Aparna Amit in English 3) My Journey by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Recorded by Surbhi Bajaj… Continue reading Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

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13) दार्शनिक कथा (Philosophical Fiction / Novel)

🔲On Drive :: 1) Siddharth ( सिद्धार्थ ) by Hermann Hesse 2) अश्वत्थामा Ashvatthama By Ashutosh garg 🔳On Youtube:: 1) Thanda Gosht by Saadat Hassan manto 2) Tamas तमस by Bhisham Sahni 3) Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna by Dr. Vandana Gupta 4) Chal khusaron ghar apne (चल खुसरो घर आपने (अजिल्द) शिवानी ) by Shivani… Continue reading 13) दार्शनिक कथा (Philosophical Fiction / Novel)

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The Indian Education

Here, we shall discuss about education in India, its current scenario, its future, the changes that are to be brought to improve our education system and the topics which we need to study for changing it. Read the blog on issues faced by Indian students - Click here Project Let's Record for Visually challenged Students… Continue reading The Indian Education