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Nirman Camp, SEARCH Gadchiroli, Maharashtra

Hello guys! Every year, students and young professionals from different places across India apply for NIRMAN, a youth flourishment initiative. Over the years, many of them have had the opportunity to attend it. Are you aware of it? What is NIRMAN ? NIRMAN is a series of workshops or camps held at Shodhgram, Gadchiroli under… Continue reading Nirman Camp, SEARCH Gadchiroli, Maharashtra

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Six Months of Let’s Record and a Collaboration with Shikshanganga

LET'S  RECORD IS HALF AN YEAR OLD!!! Happy Six Months, everyone 🙂 It was 24th March 2020, the day of the announcement of lockdown and the day Let's Record was started. Today , it completed six whole months and counting. We've recorded texts over 180 in count which looks like we've recorded at least one text… Continue reading Six Months of Let’s Record and a Collaboration with Shikshanganga

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Problems of the Student Community

नई सरकारे आएगी और जाएगी, लेकिन किसी ने भी आजतक छात्रों की समस्या को जड़ से हल करने का प्रयास नहीं किया है। Read the full news article here. 1) Scholarship and DBT Issue : The challenges and difficulties faced by students in the course of their education often remain unheard. We believe that the… Continue reading Problems of the Student Community

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11.SAATHI’s Trip

A one day excursion tour was organized to Shri Ballaleshwar Ganpati Temple, Pali and Akshi Beach, Alibag.Every year, Saathi organizes a one-day trip to some places near Pune. Some volunteers and all the Blind Students go out to relax before the exams begin. This year the trip was on the 5th of February.Sharp at 5:30… Continue reading 11.SAATHI’s Trip

let's Record, SAATHI 2019-2020

About Let’s Record and Our NGO Saathi

Hello Fam!So here, we are going to talk about "Let's Record" and also about our college based NGO “Saathi Enabling Center”, Fergusson College Pune.Let's Record, is an effort made by the students to be able to provide wide range of audiobooks for our Blind students. This initiative was initially scheduled for the month of July… Continue reading About Let’s Record and Our NGO Saathi

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“ वाह रे जिंदगी ”- छोटीशी मराठी कविता आहे परंतु आयुष्याचे सूत्रच सांगते

वाह रे जिंदगीदौलत की भूख ऐसी लगी की कमाने निकल गएओर जब दौलत मिली तो हाथ से रिश्ते निकल गएबच्चो के साथ रहने की फुरसत ना मिल सकीओर जब फुरसत मिली तो बच्चे कमाने निकल गएवाह रे जिंदगीजिंदगी की आधी उम्र तक पैसा कमायापैसा कमाने में इस शरीर को खराब कियाबाकी आधी उम्र उसी पैसे… Continue reading “ वाह रे जिंदगी ”- छोटीशी मराठी कविता आहे परंतु आयुष्याचे सूत्रच सांगते

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मराठी पुस्तके: ऑडियो स्वरुपात

१) आत्मचरित्र व प्रेरणादायी पुस्तके (Autobiographies and inspirational) २) कादंबरी (Novel) ३) मराठी नाटक (Drama) ४) प्रसिद्ध मराठी कथासंग्रह (Collection of stories) ५) ललित साहित्य (Fine literature) ६) कवितांचे पुस्तक (Poem) ७) मराठी गोष्टी (Story) ८) विनोदी साहित्य (Humorous / Funny literature) ९) मराठी निबंध (Essay) १०) व्यक्ती चित्रण (Person portrayal) ११) वैयक्तिक किस्सा /… Continue reading मराठी पुस्तके: ऑडियो स्वरुपात

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हिंदी किताबे: ऑडियो प्रारूप में

1) कविताएं और शायरी की किताबे(Poem and Shayari) 2) हिंदी साहित्य(Hindi Literature) 3) व्यक्तिगत वित्त, उद्यमशीलता, व्यापार, निवेश, अर्थशास्त्र (Personal finance, entrepreneurship, business, investing, economics) 4) आत्मकथा/जीवनी (Autobiography/Biography) 5) फिक्शन, फैंटेसी, ड्रामा, एडवेंचर (Fiction, Fantasy, drama, adventure) 6) आत्मनिर्भरता (Self Help) 7) Treaties (संधियाँ पुस्तकें) 8) तत्त्वज्ञान (Philosophy) 9) वैश्विक साहित्य (world literature) 10) कथेतर… Continue reading हिंदी किताबे: ऑडियो प्रारूप में