let's Record, SAATHI 2019-2020

About Let’s Record and Our NGO Saathi

Hello Fam!So here, we are going to talk about "Let's Record" and also about our college based NGO “Saathi Enabling Center”, Fergusson College Pune.Let's Record, is an effort made by the students to be able to provide wide range of audiobooks for our Blind students. This initiative was initially scheduled for the month of July… Continue reading About Let’s Record and Our NGO Saathi

11th & 12th Science, Fergusson Bsc Notes

Mathematics ( गणित )

“Math is a language.” https://youtu.be/h4OpiZOSzlY For mathematics, first refer the State Board textbook or NCERT textbook because those will clear your basics and help you build a good foundation. For entrance exams, use some other books. 11th Standard 11th Summary Notes 11th Class Summary Notes Video Notes: 1) Derivatives https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9qb8STcTJy7p9CeOj-Fezxs1RpMLZOCG 2) Trignometry-2.x series (Playlist) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9qb8STcTJy70r8c3n1NjbCKfxoQCXx1W YouTube… Continue reading Mathematics ( गणित )

11th & 12th Science, Fergusson Bsc Notes

Notes for 11th and 12th (HSC)

https://youtu.be/h4OpiZOSzlYScience HSC:PhysicsMathematicsChemistryElectronicsBiologyIf you also wish to contribute or want to share your free notes/video lectures for students then send your details at contact@vargshikshak.com. We will publish it on our website along with due credits to their owner.⭕Click Below To; 🌐Visit LR🔗Join LR🤔Read FAQ🔊Get Audiobooks🙏Our Message👥CollaborateFollowShareComment