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The R.E.A.D Club of Kerala, India

R.E.A.D : Read, Explore, Ask, Discover. The R E.A.D Club is a social enterprise established in 2016 in Ernakulam, Kerala, India for children to nurture curiosity, creativity and love for learning through the world of stories and art. The R.E.A.D Club derives its name from the four fundamental, essential attributes of learning - Read, Explore,… Continue reading The R.E.A.D Club of Kerala, India

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Story of First Srikanth Bolla!

Srikanth Bolla is the first international blind student in Brain and Cognitive Science and Business at the prestigious MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Born visually impaired in Machilipatnam, in Andhra Pradesh in 1992, his family was mainly dependent on farming. After his matriculation, Srikanth Bolla wanted to pursue science, but was not permitted to… Continue reading Story of First Srikanth Bolla!

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Hospital is a heaven filled with God-like Doctors but poverty prevails there in ways similar to this true story... 14-06-19 : I wasn't exactly ill, but some health issues had popped up. For treatment, I had to visit a government hospital. Again, hospital mentioned, it was a bit serious. That day, I borrowed bicycle from… Continue reading A HEAVEN IN POVERTY

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19) हिंदी कहानियां (Hindi Short Stories)

🔲On Drive :: 1) Funny Stories : Mullanasrudeen ki Vinod purna kahaniyan By Yogesh Joshi Recorded by C. Deepalakshmi 2) Random short stories By Gujarat vidhyapeeth + Random stories Recorded by C. Deepalakshmi 3) भीगा खत( bhiga khat) by रिषभ गुलालकरी ( rishabh gulalkari) #Podcast recorded by Ashwin Pand 4)Moral Stories by Storyweaver Recorded by… Continue reading 19) हिंदी कहानियां (Hindi Short Stories)

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Upsc Success Story of Visually imaparied Students

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but not vision."-Helen Keller Jayant lost his eyes while preparing for UPSC but that didn't stop him from becoming an IAS Officer. Another gem of our community, Jayant Mankale is a visually impaired student from Pune. He secured All India Rank 142 in the Civil… Continue reading Upsc Success Story of Visually imaparied Students

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16) Upsc धोरण ( Strategy )

🔲On Drive :: 1) UPSC मी आणि तुम्ही ( Mi aani Tumhi ) अन्सार शेख (IAS) { Upsc Strategy } By Ansar Shaikh Recorded by Rohan Londhe 🔳On Youtube:: 1) Coming Soon... ⭕Click Below To; 🌐Visit LR 🔗Join LR 🤔Read FAQ 🔊Get Audiobooks 🙏Our Message 👥Collaborate Follow Share Comment

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बोधकथा: यह है जीवन की हकीकत !

बोधविचार एक सभा में गुरु जी ने प्रवचन के दौरान एक 30 वर्षीय युवक को खडा कर पूछा कि, गुरु जी ने पूछा - आप मुम्बई मेँ जुहू चौपाटी पर चल रहे हैं और सामने से एक सुन्दर लडकी आ रही है तो आप क्या करोगे? युवक ने कहा - उस पर नजर जायेगी, उसे… Continue reading बोधकथा: यह है जीवन की हकीकत !

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4) काही प्रसिद्ध कथासंग्रह / साहित्य ( Famous Marathi Stories )

🔲On Drive:: 1)स्वर्गाच्या वाटेवर काही घडले by Sudha Murthy Recorded By Parikshit A. Bhuskute 2) माणदेशी माणसं By व्यंकटेश माडगूळकर Recorded by Kavita Kulkarni 3) जावईबापूंच्या गोष्टी by द. मा. मिरासदार Recorded By Rohan Londhe 4) फुकट by द. मा. मिरासदार Recorded By Rohan Londhe 5) स्वप्नातील चांदणे by रत्नाकर मतकरी Recorded By Rohan Londhe… Continue reading 4) काही प्रसिद्ध कथासंग्रह / साहित्य ( Famous Marathi Stories )

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6) Story Book

🔲On Drive:: 1) Ten selected jewels from Panchatantra KNC menon Recorded by Dr.Aleesha Joykutty 2) The Magic drum & other favourite stories By Sudha Murthy Recorded by Dr.Swati waghmare 3) Best of O. Henry By O. Henry Recorded by Eeshodaya Gupta 4) Three thousand stitches By Sudha Murty Recorded by Dr.Aleesha Joykutty 5) Road to… Continue reading 6) Story Book

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7) मराठी गोष्टी (Marathi Stories)

🔲On Drive:: @)देशोदेशींच्या विविध लेखकांनी लिहिलेल्या छान छान गोष्टी ( Chan Chan Goshti /Stories ) by पृथ्वीराज तौर ( Pruthviraj Taur ) Recorded by Ganesh Bhandari and Ratna Hile 1) अकबर बादशहा बिरबल विनोद (Akbar badshaha Birbal vinod) by Ambadas Bhandari ( STB Books ) Recorded By Shila Palve 2) आजी आजोबांच्या गोष्टी Aaji Ajobanchya… Continue reading 7) मराठी गोष्टी (Marathi Stories)