Saathi 2020-2021

10. Lakshya Webinar-II

Today’s world may be empathetic towards differently abled people, but it definitely undermines their talents and ability to achieve something equal or even greater than themselves. Many have proven this misconception wrong and shown the world a glimpse of the potential and caliber that lies in specially abled people. Hence, to motivate and guide all… Continue reading 10. Lakshya Webinar-II

Saathi 2020-2021

9. Lakshya Webinar-I

The world has a big misconception that a person with a disability cannot excel in life, that he does not have it in him to achieve his dreams. And society has made disabled students believe they should settle for less than they want and deserve. But some people went beyond society’s norms and achieved what… Continue reading 9. Lakshya Webinar-I

Competitive Exam

10) Motivational Section for Competitive Exam

🔲On Drive:: 1) Motivational Books for Civil Services aspirants 🔳On Youtube:: 1) Coming Soon... ⭕Click Below To; 🌐Visit LR 🔗Join LR 🤔Read FAQ 🔊Get Audiobooks 🙏Our Message 👥Collaborate Follow Share Comment

Achievement, SAATHI 2019-2020

Upsc Success Story of Visually imaparied Students

"The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but not vision."-Helen Keller Jayant lost his eyes while preparing for UPSC but that didn't stop him from becoming an IAS Officer. Another gem of our community, Jayant Mankale is a visually impaired student from Pune. He secured All India Rank 142 in the Civil… Continue reading Upsc Success Story of Visually imaparied Students

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15) Science (Fiction) Books

🔲On Drive :: 1) A Brief History of Time ( Physics ) by Stephen Hawking Recorded by Dr. Amruta Jagtap 2) The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow Recorded by Shoba Krishnan. 🔳On Youtube:: 1) A Brief History of Time ( On Physics ) By Stephen Hawking ⭕Click Below To; 🌐Visit LR 🔗Join… Continue reading 15) Science (Fiction) Books

Achievement, SAATHI 2019-2020


Aniket Bende, Mayuri Atre (T.Y.B.A.) scored 9.1+ CGPA last year Our 2018-2019 batch students got jobs of their interest: Bhushan Baviskar and Akshay Deshmukh now work at L.I.C., India Jitendra Shirsath, Krishna Wagh, Satish Jadhav, Suraj Dhumal, Omkar and many of our students have been selected for serving in various positions in banking sector this… Continue reading 16.ACHIEVEMENTS

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About Let’s Record and Our NGO Saathi

Hello Fam!So here, we are going to talk about "Let's Record" and also about our college based NGO “Saathi Enabling Center”, Fergusson College Pune.Let's Record, is an effort made by the students to be able to provide wide range of audiobooks for our Blind students. This initiative was initially scheduled for the month of July… Continue reading About Let’s Record and Our NGO Saathi

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लवकर निजे, लवकर उठे

मोठी माणसं सांगायची, “लवकर निजे , लवकर उठे, त्यास आयु-आरोग्य लाभे!” आणि ते खरं आहे. हेल एरॉल्ड नावाचं एक जगप्रसिद्ध व्यक्तिमत्व आहे, ते एक प्रचंड यशस्वी व्यावसायीक होते, मोठ्या जिद्दीने त्यांनी एका अपघातामुळे आलेल्या शारिरीक विकलांगतेवर मात केली होती. पण २००८ च्या महामंदीत त्यांचा प्रचंड लॉस झाला, अब्जोपती हेल कर्जबाजारी झाला. पण तो हार मानणारा… Continue reading लवकर निजे, लवकर उठे

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14) आध्यात्मिक पुस्तकें (Spritual Books in Hindi)

🔲On Drive :: 1) Main kaun Hun Translated by Kamalnath tripathi Recorded By Manisha 2) भगवान महावीर का बुनियादी चिंतन by डॉ. जयकुमार जलज Recorded by मुकेश बंसोडे in हिंदी ( Bhagvan Mahaveer ka Buniyadi Chintan by Dr. Jaykumar Jalag Recorded by Mukesh bansode in Hindi ) 3) Maharishi Ramana by Manisha Sharma 4) Sabhyata… Continue reading 14) आध्यात्मिक पुस्तकें (Spritual Books in Hindi)

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Testimonials / Feedback

@) Click here and Visit Second Page for More Testimonials. @) Click here and Visit Third Page for More Testimonials. (More testimonials of visually challenged students will be uploaded soon!) Click here to view the Appreciation Letter From Jagruti Blind School, Pune Our Audiobook Link was published in an official notice of Aatmaram College of Delhi… Continue reading Testimonials / Feedback

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बोधकथा: यह है जीवन की हकीकत !

बोधविचार एक सभा में गुरु जी ने प्रवचन के दौरान एक 30 वर्षीय युवक को खडा कर पूछा कि, गुरु जी ने पूछा - आप मुम्बई मेँ जुहू चौपाटी पर चल रहे हैं और सामने से एक सुन्दर लडकी आ रही है तो आप क्या करोगे? युवक ने कहा - उस पर नजर जायेगी, उसे… Continue reading बोधकथा: यह है जीवन की हकीकत !

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2) Motivational Books for Civil Services aspirants

🔲On Drive :: 1) ताई मी कलेक्टर व्हवू ( Tai Me Collector Vhayu ) By राजेश पाटील ( Rajesh Patil ) IAS Recorded By Rohan Londhe 2) 12th fail ( UPSC - Motivational Biography of IAS Manoj Sharma ) by Anurag pathak Recorded by Manisha In Hindi 3) The Secret Of Leadership ( Motivational Stories… Continue reading 2) Motivational Books for Civil Services aspirants

Journey of Vargshikshak

This is how Vargshikshak was Started !

Blog by Rushikesh (Team Vargshikshak)1st Year Journey (2018) - Click HereJourney of Vargshikshak 2019-2020Vargshikshak was initially started to provide free science notes and lectures for science students. Vishal dreamt of making an online education platform to make science as fun and as simple as possible. He worked on it by uploading a few videos on… Continue reading This is how Vargshikshak was Started !

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4)आत्मकथा/जीवनी (Autobiography/Biography)

🔲On Drive:: 1) Socrets by Arun Tiwari 2) Wings of fire / अग्नि की उड़ान By APJ Abdul Kalam ;Narrated by Gulzar 3) Steel King Lakshmi Mittal By Prateeksha M Tiwari 4) Swami Vivekanand 5) मेरे सत्य के प्रयोग ( Mere Satya ke Prayog) by Mahatma Gandhi 6) 12th fail ( UPSC - Motivational Biography… Continue reading 4)आत्मकथा/जीवनी (Autobiography/Biography)

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1) आत्मचरित्र व प्रेरणादायी पुस्तके (Biography)

🔲On Drive:: @) Lokmat ( Bal Vikas Manch) Success Stories ( Biographies Of Great Leaders) by Aprna Kshemkalyani / Vijay Nipanikar Recorded by Varsha Deshmukh @) Pankh Galun gele tari by Dr.Sudhir Deore Recorded by Varsha Suresh Deshmukh 1) गोष्ट मेधा गावाची Recorded By Dr.Samyak Haste 2) श्यामची आई By साने गुरूजी Recorded By Pooja… Continue reading 1) आत्मचरित्र व प्रेरणादायी पुस्तके (Biography)

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For Students |Vargshikshak

Special blog for 11th and 12th Science students In this blog, I am going to tell you something about 11th and 12th standard Science. I have also added some links of Vargshikshak Handwritten Notes. I hope it will be helpful for you. I request you all to read this blog very carefully so you all… Continue reading For Students |Vargshikshak

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Nature !

Don't feel it before you sketch it, feel it after you finish it!"Look at the right side with trees and birds where everything is going right and then to the left where not something, but everything, is going wrong."You know, if you believe in God, then you must need to save the nature because Nature… Continue reading Nature !